This 3 Part Series originally appeared in 2015. This is Part 3. For Part 1, click here, Part 2, click here


Stop playing small.

Lies do that to us. We call them safe and true because they are comfortable, like an old sweatshirt or cashmere sweater.

There is no mess in a lie. At first.

Truth is messy. It’s bloody. It hurts. It costs.

Lies are clean, polished. Controlled. Tight. Until….

Lies tell you, you can calculate, carefully budget and calendar, and control risk.

How was that trip to Costa Rica by the way? The safari? Five star I hear. Oh, you went on the Eco-Tour? How was the private plane ride in?

Stop playing small.

This woman? She should be Leading with a capital L. Instead she is retreating into having it all with two capital LL’s. aLL. Having it aLL is really about playing it small.

Stop playing small.

This woman: potential with a capital P….underneath the “Big Life of Small” “Having it aLL”

She thinks it’s all right.


A flash of anger. A moment of jealousy masked in a snide comment. An impatient turn at a spouse. A humph at a clerk, the eye roll to a friend, at that mom who is always a mess. The mean laugh at *the* party. The text that only she sees….


Stop playing small.

This woman should be everything she ever dreamed.

And yet, she is still playing small.

So you did that? Applause. Plaque. Clap clap. New dress. Dinner. Valentino, yes. How did it feel? Was it really you? I didn’t see your Mixed Media Walls. It looked bland, not real. So very plain. So very controlled. So very aLL. Oh. I see…..

I hate you self-hatred, -fear, -deception, -lies, -small.

I hate you “The Big Lie of Small”.

Mixed Media Art. It uses every material you know. It all works together. Body & Soul. Spirit & Mind. Industry & Intention. It’s the key.

You have your own Lead with a capital L you know. Your own. Your o w n. And it’s big. A very BIG LEAD with a capital L.

Stop playing small.

Why not step out of small. Just a thought. You can do it you know.

You’d have to give up control though. You might fail. You might not win. At first.

As soon as you start to win everything you’re in, you’ll have to deal with this again though, the “Big Lie of Small” and “Having it aLL”. You can camp there for a while, but not for long. The longer you stay, the smaller you play.

The longer you stay, did you hear that? The smaller you play.

You’ll need others who might let you down on the inside of you to help. They might break you.

I brought a sewing kit and super glue. I’m not great with either, but you will heal.

Stop playing small.

You might not be first chair. You might not know everything going on.

You might choose the wrong people at first. You’ll get better at that. You might cry more. You’ll live.

Stop. Playing. Small.

For 2016, I’m calling you out. Because I love that woman who almost became everything she was supposed to be. I can see it you see, do you believe?

Stop. Being. Small.

What is your deepest passion? Do you even know anymore?

Why are you giving that part of you away to the Small Ones who do not care?

Stop being small.

What was that dream you used to have? Do you even dream about that anymore?

If they came for you, what would you regret?

Did you hear that? If they came for you…..what would be undone?

Who would you wish you had loved more? Fought less?


Stop living small.

You are a world changer, wise and powerful. I know you are. But world changers don’t last when they play small.

They may sparkle, but not for long. There is always a breech. Some wall, some area that fails. It may be family, it may be friends, it may be soul, it may be health. But it always is.

Mixed Media Art you see. It’s the key. Stop telling me lies. You are so much more. I see you, you see.

What about this? Does this frighten you? Does it make you mad? Uncomfortable? Good.

I love you, you know. I see you, you know. Remember, the designer in me has always seen. I have a bigger vision for you than you have for yourself.

Have you ever had someone say that to you? Has anyone ever believed in you more than you?

I’m sorry. But it’s time.

Set a goal so big you can’t achieve it without losing control.

Set a goal so big you cannot possibly do it alone. You might choose the wrong people you know, at first.

Don’t worry, you’ll heal. And choose better next time.

Stop playing small.

Are you willing to go here? Does this frighten you?

Set a goal so big that if you fail, your failure will be the talk of the Small Ones who wonder where you went.

If they came for you, would those Small Ones defend you? Find you? Lose their life to help you?

STOP PLAYING SMALL. I see you, you see.


Xo – A.

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