It’s today. Time is the only commodity we all share in equal measure.

Master it and you master yourself…well, almost.


Until we learn to master the use of time, we will continue to make excuses for all the things undone and never quite get to where we want to go.

The first step in mastering time is understanding exactly – and I do mean EXACTLY where it is “going” in our lives.

We have a course offering where attendees are spending the next 5 days doing nothing but TRACKING every 15 minutes to identify exactly where and how they are spending their most valuable resource.


I am passionate about time because it is going……along……and there is purpose bound up in you that we all need.

Your best is what will bless the rest of us.

So for today – you’ve got this.

Don’t diminish this exercise.

There is an old saying: A year from now you’ll wish you started today.

Get tracking. 15 minute increments. 6 hour blocks over the next 4 days. Use the 5th to evaluate.

Blessings – Ann

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