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Quick Start Course: Co-Create Identity Statements with God so Your Ideas Know How to Behave in the Real World

You know God has called you for such a time as this

The question is, what do you do right now with your IDEAS? Have you ever asked God, “Did I hear you right? How do I start this? Where do I go from here?” In this 7 Module Quick Start Course, you will learn how to create an Identity Statement for your God idea, so your idea knows precisely what to do and how to behave. Remember, Adam named the animals and they became. So too our ideas must be called out properly, so they know what to do in a very real world, on the Tuesday mornings at 10 am and the Thursday afternoons at 2:30 pm.


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God Ideas Should be Implemented in Every Sphere of Influence. Why? Because Truth Sets People Free.

Books, Businesses, Podcasts, Ministries, Creative Endeavors….all of them come from the heart of our good God, but sometimes we get stuck on the small things and don’t implement. We know there are next steps, but how do we find out what those next steps are? And how do we take those next steps while making sure we are in alignment with the Word of God and the Will of God for our lives?

  • We begin and end with the Word of God

    The Word must be our framework, our foundation, our litmus test. We know Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the full. That means, if we bring ideas into the marketplace, they must be corner stoned in the same Biblical Truth that brought Jesus into form. In this Quick Start Course we share “construction tests” for framing your ideas so they are flexible and free in a very world world, while remaining grounded and founded in the Word of God.

  • Learn to practice like an expert

    One of the key revelations in bringing ideas into the market place is learning to practice like an expert. Practice confronts our unspoken fears of failing God or wondering if we really did hear right. Did God seriously ask me to do something that BIG? Does He know who I am? Remember Gideon Creative! YES. He did just call us! We walk through the expert practice rounds and learn where to edify, edit and re-group.

  • I already have an idea in form

    Is it successful? Is your idea bearing fruit? One of the key components of God Ideas is that they prosper for the ones they were made for. Sometimes we need to re-frame the language of an idea already in form, to make it easy and accessible for our end users. We walk through the process of creating an Ideal Client so your idea can have a single person avatar, so the testimony with the one provides a pathway to prosper with the many.


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This 7 Module Quick Start Course is part of the Loi Institute, an online Lifestyle Institute for Leaders, Influencers and Impact Makers in the Ecclesia. The Loi Institute was founded to close the Kingdom gap between what should be and what is. If you have an idea, you are called to be a Leader, Influencer and Impact Maker. That is the purpose for ideas. Ideas are meant to lead, influence and impact things.

It’s time Creative. The world is waiting on the God solutions you carry. Remember Gideon, Nehemiah, Jonathan and his armor bearer….it doesn’t take many…but it does take the willing…


This Course is Based on the Quick Start Guide Book & is Delivered Inside the Loi Institute, our Online Platform for Hosting Courses

This Quick Start Course will equip you with tools to start today. This course is designed for easy repeat use, with 7 short, power packed modules. You also receive your downloadable Quick Start Study Guide + PDF of the Book.


All Courses from Ann McDonald are now delivered inside the Loi Institute.

Ann founded the Loi Institute as an easy to engage, one stop shop for all Courses, Consulting, Master Classes and more.


As the co-Creator with God of your ideas you have a responsibility to steward unto increase.

Practical wisdom looks like something in the natural world. Your ideas must be Truth based in order to set people free. Stop wasting time trying to figure everything out yourself. Learn how to step out of fear, step into belief and start co-Creating from identity so your ideas know how to behave and become real solutions for real people, in a very real world.

  • I don’t have a team!

    We were never meant to go it alone, however when starting out with ideas, sometimes we must walk through part of the visionary process alone with God. Don’t let this stop you.

  • What about Social Media?

    Once your idea has identity, Social Media falls into place. Why? Because without identity, your Social Media platforms aren’t sure what language to speak!

  • I don’t have content!

    No fear! Content begins and ends with God. An idea identity edifies us as an appropriate vessel God can pour content through! All we do is carry our unique God sound.

Content begins and ends with God, we have a responsibility to be the pipeline.

Content always begins and ends with God. We are simply the vessel. In this Quick Start Course we cover tools to become the vessel your idea needs, so God can drop the content in quickly and expertly.


Afraid this course is too complex or will take too much time? Let’s take a quick video tour!


The Quick Start Idea to Implementation Course has 7 Online Modules + Bonus Study Guide ++.

These Online Modules are designed for easy repeat use.


  • 1


  • 2

    Building up God Truths

  • 3

    Which Part of the Person is Your Idea For?

  • 4

    What About the Soul?

  • 5

    Let’s Find One Person

  • 6

    How to Deliver Ideas

  • 7

    Creating Identity Statements




This Quick Start Course is part of the Idea to Implementation Master Class Series for the Loi Institute which will be rolled out in 2018




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