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In this course you will learn every step of the process for co-creating Identity Statements with God so your ideas know how to behave from their identity, in a real world.

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  • To get the most from this course, please download and/or print the Quick Start Study Guide and use with videos
  • Having the companion Study Guide easily available to take notes during and after each of the videos will help with retention and revelation.
  • The course videos assume you have read the PDF Book. Download and/or print to read and review
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Welcome Video: Watch Before Starting Course

The Big Picture: Watch Before Module 1

Module # 1: Ideas are Solutions, 3 Types

Module # 2: Your Idea Framed with Truth

Module # 3: Body, Soul or Spirit

Module # 4: Mind, Will or Emotions

Module # 5: Show Me You Know Me

Module # 6: Form Fitting

Module # 7: Identities Behave

BONUS Module: Content for Intro Product


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Welcome to Idea to Implementation Quick Start Course.  My name is Ann McDonald and I will be taking you through this 7 Module Quick Start Course.

Download your Idea to Implementation QUICK START GUIDE PDF linked to the left or above.

Download your Idea to Implementation STUDY GUIDE PDF linked to the left or above.

Then proceed to the Welcome Video to start your Course.[/text_block]

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Upcoming Training: 2018

12 Week Master Class on Full Scale Implementation of Ideas into Form. Loi Members will have Exclusive Pre-Launch Access and Discount.[/text_block]

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What Would YOU Like to Learn?

Loi Institute is committed to providing relevant and timely equipping for you. We exist to empower your current call. Every quarter we provide new courses. Email: team@annmcdonald.net with your requests.[/text_block]

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Don’t forget your FREE BONUS ACCESS

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Loi Institute: The 20/20 Mandate Series

Training Kingdom Mandates in each of the Focus Areas listed below



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Lifestyle Series

Kingdom Lifestyle for the Family Mountain.[/text_block]

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Enterprise Series

Covers the building and implementation process in the culture mountains where enterprise building is relevant.[/text_block]

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Content Creation Series

Covers all mountains. Emphasis on developing content that equips, empowers and edifies. Focus on form and content process.[/text_block]

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Kingdom Influence Series

Emphasis on developing additional spheres of influence and expansion of personal and corporate territory, in the spirit and resulting natural expansion. Equipping and growth  beyond core competency and emotional intelligence.[/text_block]

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Kingdom Impact Series

By Application Only. Includes access to Quarterly Consultation Program. **If you have teams of fewer than 20 people and would like to apply, applications for the 2nd Quarter of 2018 will be available in Feb, 2018.[/text_block]

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Kingdom Leadership Series

Developing, and growing established leaders. All culture mountains.[/text_block]

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