Thirty One Days of Enough: Day 28. You can find Week 1 HERE, Week 2 HERE, Week 3 HERE

This process? It’s powerful friend. It will change you if you are willing to be vulnerable – first with yourself so you can receive.

Nugget Day 28:

The compilation for Week 4 is below. Read this truth over yourself and your home, family, life and business each day.

I have a promised harvest, replete with songs of joy. I am redeemed by his blood, not my effort – all my sins are forgiven and there is lavish love and riches of grace set aside just for me, as a son or daughter of the King.

From God to you:

You will return with songs of joy carrying your harvest with you. In Jesus we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us

Want More?

Print out the picture, pin the picture and memorize the saying above. Hide it in your heart for the days you feel like there is none who sees. Friend, God sees everything. He sees the wounds deep in your heart and longs to heal them. Take some time today and simply rest before a gracious and kind Father. There is no guile in him. None.

Keep what you give away

Share this with a friend who needs to believe this.


xo – A


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