It’s easier than you think

wisdom-to-decorateGood morning! A quick word of encouragement for someone: IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK. That keeps resonating in my head and heart this morning. We often, as “w-f-h” (‪#‎workfromhomes‬) or “i-p” (‪#‎ideapeople‬) or “c’s” (‪#‎creatives‬) make everything WAY harder and more complicated that it has to be.

Even if you are just considering trying to turn that idea, or heart-centered thought into something productive to bless others, KISS. Yes, I said it smile emoticon. Keep it simple silly.

Check out the list below.

1) Break that idea down baby. Share “5 Things You Don’t Know About (that thing)” to your audience/brand followers/page/blog. BALANCE is key here. You may know how to run a nation, but your audience doesn’t need to. They just need to know how to organize their desk, wallet, write a song, form an LLC, decorate the family room….the balance of understanding: you don’t have to share everything you’ve learned on your first go.

Start somewhere. But start simple. Very simple.

2) Solve a CONCRETE problem. Not an esoteric – get your life together problem – a “laundry type problem” as in, how do I “do” something. Examples: 3 Steps to Singing Better. 3 Steps to Organize Paperwork when you have piles everywhere (someone please create this:)!! 3 Steps to Financial Freedom for People in their 20’s….

3) LOVE on people. Yes, love. Listen with your heart and love on your readers/clients/audience. If they are snarky, someone has probably hurt them in the past. Ride right over that wave – don’t surf it so to speak.

Have a great day – this is ‪#‎forsomeone‬ who needs to know your idea is important and the world is waiting for you to make your move!! You only have one shot – so let’s get going.

xo. You rock. And you are an amazing singer/writer/author/creative.

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