Crush overwhelm

In 2010, I made a decision to take action on something that would change the game for me…to this day.
Overwhelm had been the way of my business life since 2008 when I went back to work full time.
I did not know how to solve it.
So I asked a successful business contact for help. He introduced me to my first official mentor…a highly respected “hard to get in with” Marketer out of Connecticut.
Michael, my business contact who made the introduction, was a successful, well connected Los Angeles music industry guy.
I should have known what I might be in for based on his influence level.
Not long after, I found myself at an application only intensive in Connecticut, face to face with 11 highly successful entrepreneurs.
The price of admission? A phone interview & $5,000 for two days. Plus travel.
What had I done?!
The call got me in the room. From the world’s stand point I had a successful design firm and Ryan was assembling a group of peers.
The ONLY other woman? A New York Times best selling author who had done the talk show circuit, including Oprah!
Thank God I had good clothes, because I was OVER. MY. HEAD.
I knew enough to apply the proverb: even a stupid person is considered wise if they keep their mouth shut :). 
I listened and applied what I learned. They were masters in packaging and selling information for their brands.
One of the interesting things? They had wildly different brands.
So from that moment, I decided to do the same…or at least fail trying.
What does this have to do with overwhelm?
Ryan & the others in that room, taught me this:
Solve an actual problem for a real person in the area of money, health or relationships.
Then “flipping make the solution Ann and see if it will sell! NOW!”
Yes – I bold centered those words because, well, let’s just say this was not a room of polite, God fearing pastors!
It was a mini shark tank where all the sharks were on the same team. No one was killing anyone, but there was a definite vibe of ‘get er done’ or get er out of the room
I decided to get er done :).
VICTORY Over Overwhelm Step 1:
Get real on who you will serve. Tell me their name. Where do they live.
Get real on what you will solve for them in the area of money, health, relationships. If your solution does not fit one of these categories, I learned during that intensive, to MAKE it fit one of those. 
VICTORY Key Over Overwhelm Step 2:
FINISH THE CYCLE. Create your product NOW. See if it will sell.
This is where most people miss it.
They stop at the serve and solve, make one half circle effort to sell it to friends, say it doesn’t work, and quit.
Do not do that.
(again, bold underlined, not because that’s my vibe but because I want to communicate what  I learned in the way I learned it – I was trying so hard to not laugh or cry during those two days…again – over my head!)
I learned to close the cycle, see if it sells, determine if my so-called solution floated beyond the friend group and if not, do it again.
If it bombs, then you know. Why? Because you have finished.
Overwhelm is hallmarked by unfinished cycles, open loops.
Overwhelm is hallmarked by unfinished cycles, open loops.
We get overwhelmed when we can’t close any loops.
The loop to close with ideas is to make them into something final that is READY to sell & then gets sold.
My first closed loop after that conference was a $495 product with an up-sell. It sold. It kind of sucked, but it sold. We re-made it better and better and it kept selling.
Since then, I have created countless online products for myself and others. I even became someone’s “secret weapon” when we laid out their year long high ticket consulting program.
Our ideas needs to be tested & the best way to do that is with a buy now button.
It sounds funny, but in order to make money or have a business, we must have something to sell.
Do you have something, right now, that you can sell?
If you want to learn how to make things you can sell online that aren’t tacky, cheesy or cheap, I am training people in my private Facebook group.
You can still be a part of this group. Coaching Level Master Mind,  is ground level unique.
I don’t know any other group that teaches, step by step,
how to create actual products online, from the place of prayer and partnership with God.
I love the big picture. I love the revelation, but here’s the rub: we must do something & I don’t have a ton of time to be online chatting and learning every day…
…so I created this program. Step by Step. Specific outcomes. Products we can point to and say “done”. Next?
Victory over overwhelm.
If you want to join now, message me in the group on Facebook.
I know what it’s like to be under it. Not fun.
A year from now, you should have things people can purchase that carry your unique sound to set people free, without needing to be present for every single transaction!
No more hemming and hawing…it’s time to win without killing yourself conducting business 1:1.
Remember, I was a full time designer. Kind of important to be onsite, no? The creation of information products enabled me to be 1:many and way more selective in projects that fit my soul.
And remember your take away today:
Finish the loops. Close the cycle. The creation of the who you will serve and their problem you will solve is only closed with an actual product.
Check it off the list & go to the next!
God wants to breathe on your ideas friend, and prosper them beyond what you can ask think or imagine!
And let me know how it’s going!
Xo – Ann
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