The Art of Creating Info Products

You aren’t trying to build an Information Product Empire…you just need an introductory product or opt in!

Create Information Products for your Small Business, Ministry, or Philanthropy That Actually Help People.

The “Keep it Simple” Solution to Creating Information Products Your Online Community Will Love

It’s hard to decide what to share when you know as much as you do…

Everyday you create for your clients..WHERE EXACTLY do we even begin?!

What you create & do everyday is an ART

Even if you are in a traditional business or ministry, you know so much it can sometimes feel messy…I mean, where would we even start?

It is impossible to put some formula around what you do, to package & sell it so what you communicate actually HELPS people

In this course, I model out a step by step type so you can customize for your unique skill set to create your first series of Information Products

My name is Ann McDonald and I created this course to alleviate the stress of “free lunches” while at the same time providing REAL CONTENT and REAL SOLUTIONS for clients in “bite size nuggets” in the form of Information Products for under $100

Have you ever:

  • wished you had a simple, easy to engage Information Product for your Creative Brand
  • wanted another revenue stream for your Creative Brand
  • wished you could have some form to sell your Teaching that didn’t require a book deal
  • wondered if your time volunteering could be transitioned into a consulting job
  • thought about creating something so you could stop with the “free lunches”
  • wished you knew how to use Facebook to make money
  • thought about having a product you didn’t have to be on site for
  • are tired of saying the same thing over and over to each and every new client

My first information product for my Design Business was $495. I made more in one release week with that product than I did over an entire quarter (3 months) with 11 team members in 3 locations!

I also had clients say THANK YOU as they had been HUNGRY for the information & processes we had shared. They could engage the material on their own time & process it according to THEIR life.

It was a win-win.

Ann McDonald
Couture Chateau LLC

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Create Products just like you might paint a picture. Proverbially, the process is artistic & fluid, something you are every day at work! Tapping into the knowledge you carry is easier than you think.

Consider this:

  • Your clients are struggling
  • They may not even know you yet, but they are waiting for the solutions you carry to find their way into a social media feed, or blog post
  • Some of your future clients need help with Design, some need Small Business or Real Estate help…some are trying to figure out what their life purpose is…others, want to know how to choose paint colors for their living room!

What you are NOT DOING, by not creating information products, is keeping some people up at night with worry.

You carry solutions inside your Creative heart and soul.

How you think, how you come up with solutions, how you communicate will literally set someone free…however, fear, indecision or sometimes lack of knowledge keeps you from stepping over the threshold of putting the “buy now” button at the bottom of a product page…

Have you ever thought:

  • Will they like it?
  • Will it help?
  • What if it sucks?
  • What if they hate it?
  • Will they make fun of me for putting that into a product?
  • What if someone else does it better? Faster? Cheaper?

What if??

Most of what we fear, never comes to pass.

There is always an excuse. But now is the time to be done with excuses.

There is a world of hurt out there, and as Creatives, you carry the solutions. Beauty, art, thoughtfulness, direct answers, simple products. They are inside you and you know it!

How many times have you thought – that was my idea! I should have….

Now is your chance.

Join us for a simple, KEEP IT SIMPLE, artistic, creative approach to IDEA’ing and FINISHING your first rounds of Information Products.

Professional athletes practice and run through – even when it’s not game time.

This simple process is designed to equip you to run through the finish line with your first practice products, and then disciple you to create at least one product per quarter…or more.



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4 Modules + Bonus Training & PDF Check List

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”17″ font_color=”%23707070″ width=”700″]This is for Creatives like you who desire to build extra-ordinary Enterprises that contribute artistic solutions to real life issues! From small businesses in art and design, to ministry platforms and philanthropic ventures – we should all be prospering and stewarding more of what we carry! This is the solution. Safe, practical…and a mini kick to get you started![/text_block]

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Module #1: Set Yourself Up for Success

The foundation of creating is bordering time & space so you can start & finish strong. In this Module, we cover essentials, modeling time blocking, niche creation & more so you are equipped to finish what you start.

Module #2: Niches & Their Role in Your Product

The process of creating tight parameters for your niche, makes creating products that solve real time issues, possible. Less back & forth, this second step streamlines how you create quickly to solve for real time needs that keep your potential client up at night.

Module #3: Fast Success = More Return Customers

Creating products that clients love means LESS is MORE. Bringing simple steps so clients can follow without overwhelm. Provide information that makes them look good. We cover how to fiercely EDIT material so your client isn’t overwhelmed at the very thought of engaging with you.

Module #4: Running Through Your FINISH LINE! How to kill the “my product stinks” voice.

Not every product we create is great. But the kicker is, every product we DON’T create means we have left life on the table. It’s hard to run through the finish line, especially with our first products. But until we start finishing, even the bad stuff, we can’t improve enough to bring the great.


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Four Specific, Actionable, Measurable Goals

Here’s a break-down of goals for this course.


  • Begin the process of regularly creating information products in practice form that are completed, down to the payment buttons
  • Discover your best communication style for information products: audio, video, or pdf
  • Learn how to evaluate complaints from your niche market and turn them into highly profitable products that serve a targeted audience
  • Develop a no-fail, disciplined mindset with the art of creating one product each quarter of the year

Early Bird Pricing: 1 Payment of $77

Price goes up May 15, 2017

Join This Dynamic Group of Creatives Forging New Paths

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”17″ font_color=”%23707070″ width=”700″]Composed of Creatives from across the spectrum, this dynamic group is all about forging new pathways that practically implement ideas from your heart. There are things you carry, that are designed to bless others, and they need to come out in such a way as to prosper you, and those you create on behalf of.

We look forward to walking with you![/text_block]

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