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There is power in how we speak Creative! God has something generous and gracious for you, that He is excited to share with you. Let's start by speaking life over our situations and believe that God wants to bless us. He alone is the pathway to prosperity in all areas. We can do nothing to earn or deserve. God's love covers ALL.

Thirty One Days of Enough: Day 14. You can find Week 1 HERE, Day 8 HERE, Day 9 HERE, Day 10 HERE, Day 11 HERE, Day 12 HERE, Day 13 HERE

This process? It's powerful friend. It will change you if you are willing to be vulnerable - first with yourself so you can receive.

Nugget Day 14:

The compilation for Week 2. Read this truth over yourself and your home, family, life and business each day.

From God to you:

The power of life and death is in your tongue. Speak life.

Want More?

Print out the picture, pin the picture and memorize the saying above. Hide it in your heart for the days you feel like there is no safe place anywhere around you.

Keep what you give away

Share this with a friend who needs to believe this.


xo - A.


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