Month: December 2017

31 Days of Enough: Day 21 “Week 3”

There is a saying, we see what we say. Put another way, we won’t see what we don’t say. Today is the compilation of week 3 and the practice of being able to stand in front of the mirror and speak over ourselves what God is saying about us will humble us. Practice this Creative. God’s goodness is what leads us to repentance…..

31 Days of Enough: Day 18 “God was there”

Sometimes we weep and laugh at the same time. Sometimes we simply weep. Today’s encouragement on December 18th is to remind us God is always with us. May you find solace and comfort in God’s loving arms today if there is something you are weeping over. There is no tear He does not catch. Be strengthened today Creative, by the love of God in the secret place of prayer.

31 Days of Enough: Day 13 “The Battle is Real”

There is a real battle Creative, but it has already been won. How do we pull the victory Jesus obtained for us into the natural realms? Read today’s post to take a practical step towards taking out the enemy of our souls. We behave from belief. We live from victory when we believe capital T Truth. Using our words to speak the victory is an undervalued weapon in our arsenal of victory.

31 Days of Enough: Day 12 “A Future”

Ah…the future. What do we think when we aren’t so sure about what lies ahead? Here we check in with what God says about the future so we can stay grounded. I mean is it getting better or worse? What about all the media telling us there is a great big conspiracy? The Word tells us God sits in the heavens & LAUGHS! I am pretty sure God has it. Let’s check in with Him for today’s encouragement.

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