December 2017

31 Days of Enough: Day 28 “Week 4”

Thirty One Days of Enough: Day 28. You can find Week 1 HERE, Week 2 HERE, Week 3 HERE This process? It’s powerful friend. It will change you if you are willing to be vulnerable – first with yourself so you can receive. Nugget Day 28: The compilation for Week 4 is below. Read this truth

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31 Days of Enough: Day 24 “Forgiven”

You are forgiven Creative. The big stuff, the small stuff….the intentional stuff, the stuff you did that you knew was wrong. All. Forgiven! It can be hard to get our hands and hearts around, let alone our minds. Remember today Creative that you ARE a spirit, you HAVE a soul and you LIVE IN a body. That means, Jesus has done ALL to cover all three for us & your Creative Gifts are a delight to creation in time and space…it’s time to love yourself and get to creating!

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