November 2017

We Looked Great on Paper….

What do you do when you are doing everything right and it is still not working? In 2012, my Design Business was on the top of the world…we had clients, press, accolades and looked amazing out there, but inside the secret place I knew my sound was not in tune…that there were things to refine so we could prosper…

Set Aside Distractions: Get Something Done

Setting aside distractions is not something Creatives do intuitively. I was trained to drive into distraction when needing inspiration, so the unraveling of chaos became complicated when there were tasks to finish. In this blog post and (to be embedded later) Facebook Live Video we look at simple tools for shutting out the fear (yes, chaos is related to fear) and focusing to do.

3 Things to Tighten Up Today

“31 Days of Enough” began in 2015. We will start up again on December 1, 2017…READ this post. It will encourage you. Creative? There are things only you can bring to this world. Since the 80’s I have been blogging in some form….people used to stop by my dorm door to see the word of the day….it’s no different now. You MATTER!


  Welcome Creative! A quick retro tip video from my days as Business Moderator for a Trade Design Group. Still one of my BIGGEST KEYS for building ideas out well. If you have struggled in any way to glean repeat business or figure out what to put on the front page of your website, watch this short …

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Learning Clarity as a Creative: Lessons From the Diamond District

Learning Clarity as a Creative: Lessons From the Diamond District, by Ann McDonald One of the most needed helps in the Creative world right now is the ability to have CLARITY. Clarity eludes us, by nature, as creatives. It doesn’t have to be this way, but it can feel like our default mechanism is possibility, …

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Why we keep repeating the same mistakes

When you don’t know what to do about what it is you keep doing….let this short blog post encourage you to take forward action. Our heart is to equip you and yours in the very practical realms of day to day enterprise. This post originally appeared on our old blog in 2015. It is as relevant today than it was then…perhaps more so…

Stop Playing Small, Part 3

When you work with Creatives, this “playing small thing” get’s tiresome. I coach and consult Creatives with gifts and talents and platforms that are world changing. Some know it, some don’t. Some believe it, some don’t. It’s time to get practical and tactical with wisdom from heaven and truth that sets people FREE. Read and be encouraged.

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