Month: November 2015

Did you hear? You are about to fly….

There are seasons we need breath under our wings. We feel grounded and unable to lift off. The ideas are there, the structure may even be there…but for whatever reason, we. just. can’t….. In this post my heart is to encourage you with a word from God. He sees you, likes you and loves you, where you are. Let the blessing overtake you Creative, you are about to fly.

How to calculate miscellaneous cost items for a client project

As Creatives, one of the toughest things we do is figure out how to actually make a consistent living. It may seem like we carry our potential in our very being and pulling out revenue is a slam dunk, but the business of Creativity is a deep well of tangled spaghetti at times. This article was first published in 2015 in my capacity as a Business Coach to Creatives and Business Moderator for a Trade Group over 100K strong. Read and re-read. It will help!

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